about me

I am a surreal conceptual artist, portrait photographer, and Illustrator.

All of my work is very conceptual, personal, and unique to my thoughts and opinions as an individual. The most important thing I learned in school was to stop making pictures "of" things and start making pictures "about" things. I apply this concept to all of my art - graphic design, composites, and photos alike. I am a firm believer that when art makes a statement about something and sends a message it is much more impactful than art that lacks such drive. I strive to make art that starts conversations and challenges my viewers to think and feel something.

I graduated from Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs in May of 2015 with an AAS in Professional Photography. I also got a Certificate in Graphic Design from CMC, and I will graduate again in 2017 with a BAS in Leadership and Management with an emphasis in Professional Photography.  

I have been working as a freelance designer for CF Webtools in Omaha, NE since June of 2015 and helped with the launch of the Art of Faith online Magazine in May of 2016 as a graphic designer. 



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