it is well.

you know those sped - up videos of clouds moving over an open field? You can see the clouds moving and the shadows they cast on the ground?

sometimes my mind feels like that field…with pieces of darkness passing through it, casting shadows and blocking the sun.

i remember laying on the concrete right when the weather turned warm in elementary school, soaking up the sun rays ever second I could during recess. I’d start to get really hot, and then a cloud would pass over the sun, and all of a sudden I’d be cold. I’d press my palms and legs into the warm concrete to brave the few seconds of the chill.

sometimes my heart feels like that… overflowing with warmth, about to burst, full of happiness, soaking up the good stuff - until something comes between me and the warmth, the breeze picks up, and I’m forced to cling to whatever remnant of warmth I can grasp.

have you ever laid under a tree around dusk and watchedd the sun paint shadows on your skin with the leaves?

sometimes life feels like that - the shadows can seem beautiful and playful, like they have a purpose, but they wouldn’t be there without the warm, radiant light.

or have you noticed the dust particles in a ray of sunshine coming through your window, painting shapes on your floor (for your cat to lay in)?

my spirit feels like that sometimes, covered in mostly fading, blue light, making everything gray and flat until a beautiful and powerful ray of light illuminates and warms pieces of the dullness for me to curl up and revel in.

-it is well, with my soul.