it strikes me as odd that we assign higher value to beautiful things than to ugly things. ,

i think this sentiment bleeds into the rest of our psyche and encourages us to interpret the ugly and mundane things of life as something to escape; something we have to get through as quickly as possible, lest we miss out on all the better, easier, “prettier” parts of life.

I think hardship - that is, the ugly parts of life - is awe inspiring, breathtaking, shocking, stunning, and epically beautiful.

i think those who have struggled the most in their lives, who’ve come face to face with the ugliest things the world has to offer, are the most beautiful. their bravery, audacity, perseverance, endurance, and faith shine through the cracks, bruises, and scars left on them.

what better way to learn survival than to have to choose life over death?

what better way to learn to love than to have to choose it over fear again and again?

what better way to learn perseverance than to relentlessly push through the dark?

if you feel this ugliness in your life, heart, mind or soul - don’t give up. i’m rooting for you. and I believe that you - and your life - are beautiful. i think you have value NOW. not just when you’ve made it to the “other side” and have triumphed over your darkness. you’re valuable and beautiful right here in the midst of your fight against the ugliness.

beautiful things are only more valuable when they wear a price tag.