Friendly Reminders! :)

Hellooooo friends! :)

Long time, no chat. (By chat I mean I haven’t rambled on and on and on and on and posted it on the internet for you to maybe read)

How’s life? (i genuinely want to know, drop a comment.)

So the last time I made new art was in DECEMBER

checks watch

That was 6 months ago…

While i’m no stranger to lack of motivation, inspiration, etc, I’ve found myself hopelessly lost in a desert of creators block. The few things I’ve managed to create, write about, and share with you all are oasis’ in this desert, but i’ve been helplessly wandering for the entire year thus far, and honestly… I’m over it. I’m booking a flight to the Hawaiian islands, creatively. lol. this metaphor is rough.

"I am endlessly creating myself"

(note if u follow my page @rachelwilliamsdesigns on instagram, you may have read some of this already, but stay with me)

While I *definitely* believe that I was creatED, I also believe that you aren't the same person when you go to bed that you were when you woke up, hours earlier. I think we're changed by each additional second we're alive, by each additional rotation around the sun.

In the spirit of recognizing and embracing the fluid nature of the self, I'm changing a lot about how and what I create.

It's blatantly obvious (judging by my lack of creating/posting in the last 6 months) that it's time for me to expand my horizons. It's become frustrating and stressful to constantly try and create images that fit the genre/style/aesthetic I've adhered to so far. While I LOVE creating this kind of art and I have an undying appreciation for how it has been a therapy for me through some difficult things, it's just not working. I'm feeling limited and constrained and I want my art to feel like me - happy, free, loved, eager to grow and change, and a work in progress.

So, all that being said, I'm going to switch up style and content on you from here on out. Probably pretty frequently. Which brings us to the actual reason for this post :)

I’m super duper uber excited to announce this new thing I’m doing called “Friendly Reminders”. They’re simple, text-based graphics that are meant to serve as small reminders for things we might easily forget.


You can buy them! They’re cheap! I did it! I made an Etsy shop and actually listed each graphic i’ve made. You might not know how big of a deal that is - but it’s pretty big. But this isn’t even the actual announcement. The announcement for today is that …………

my shop is now live.

(I broke all the rules and bolded, italicized AND underlined that. That’s how you know I mean bidness.)

You can go there, right now, and buy these. The deal is, you pick your favs and purchase them, then you get a downloadable file with two images. One is a .pdf of the reminder you chose that is enabled for printing! So you can print it at home or send it to a third party like Shutterfly and have them do it for you. The second image is phone-sized, so you can save it as your home/lock screen background or post it on an instagram/snapchat story, etc.

I’ve made a few other things in the last month or so that are also available to purchase through my Etsy shop as actual, physical prints, which I’m ALSO super excited about.

Here’s the best part for you :) since you’re here, you get a discount code! I’m running a few different “sales” to get things up and running. So, if you’ve read this or you follow me on instagram, you’ll be the first to know how to grab a discount! (click the button below)

One more thing before you go. My heart behind these is that they’d be encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring - and never cheesy. (I promise you, unless it’s a joke, I won’t make any that say “live, laugh, love” or have any emojis on them. for real. I won’t. Not even if someone pays me to. Unless it’s a joke.)

There are 100 things I wish I could remind myself of daily when I wake up! Just to put myself in the right headspace for the day, to keep my priorities straight, my perspective realistic, and my sense of humor fully engaged. I figured I’m not alone in that - especially the part where I can’t remember all the things I need to remind myself.

So, if you constantly find yourself forgetting that you’re loved, or that you’re enough, or that you’re a total babe, or to floss or call your mother (she misses you), drop by my shop and download an image to print and hang by your bed or put on your phone to see every time you pick it up.

If you want your own custom reminder, PLEASE reach out. I’d love to make it for you.