Hello, friends!

I’ve been feeling a pull to write to you all lately, but I have no great revelations to share or new art to talk about, so I thought I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing for my church. I had the honor of being involved in a new endeavor from the ground up at Lifegate Church and it’s been a really cool experience!

When I moved here and was finally able to attend Lifegate regularly and call myself a member, all the creative/visual art things were done by people on the payroll. The same people who manage the website and social media, wrote the branding guide, maintain a consistent “brand” over all the platforms, etc. They were very consistent and did a wonderful job creating the Lifegate brand, merchandise, and weekend visual aid stuff. I remember attending services on my summer vacation’s here and looking at the cool sermon graphics and thinking “I want to do one some day!”

Unfortunately, without being on the payroll, that wasn’t an option yet!

But then someone reached out to me (about a year ago, now) and asked about my art. We met and I was told that Lifegate was wanting to move in a different direction where the creative people on the payroll maintain the brand, but a team of volunteers was given free reign over the “weekend experience” (sermon graphics, introduction videos - anything creatively related to the weekend). I was told they would have a creative pastor over them, and there would be room for people who were interested in/passionate about graphic art, photography, media, production, video, lights, etc. The switch was motivated by a desire to treat creativity as another aspect of worship, like singing. I was ecstatic about this whole concept and thought it was truly AWESOME - especially the opportunity for a creative community that it provided. It took a little while to flush out all those details, and I got to be involved from the start, which was completely amazing.

Slowly but steadily the creative team of volunteers grew, under the leadership of a pastor who couldn’t be better suited for the position. We started to schedule out monthly meetings and now we’ve grown into a team of people over 30 strong who meet regularly and have our own little community! We get to work together and learn from each other and it’s just the best. While the concept overall is still in its infancy and isn’t without flaw, I’m constantly in awe over how cool God is and how quickly he lined up opportunities for me to do something I’d always wanted to do but never really even asked him for.

I’ve been blessed to be involved and have loved every second of it. I can’t share the art I make until the sermon series ends - so I’ll keep y’all updated periodically, but below are some of the pieces I’ve created for the church so far.



This one deserves an honorable mention - this was for an 8 week series called “Unhindered” that our lead Pastor initiated. The image is meant to illustrate the 2 trees in the garden - they both look lush and inviting, but the tree of knowledge of good and evil has darkness around it and it’s roots and fruit are distorted, while the tree of life is pure and produces good fruit. This was a collaboration with a fellow volunteer who’s a dream to work with as well as an incredibly talented artist (and kindred spirit) - Ciara Fortun. You can find her instagram at @art.inthe.dark

You can find the videos/audio for each of these series’ on Lifegate’s website:

I highly recommend them :)